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A Triumphal return...

...ought not be accomplished during a depression or during drinking, or so I have observed.

But, I suspect, y'all figured that out already.

Ah me....

On an up note ( a slurring C to G, if you must ask....ok...actually there's a bit more to it. I don't actually slur a C to a G...but I have been asked to sing in that area and -then- leap an octave to cop a C, with an above G. It hasn't helped me in my happy place. Sorry...you asked)

I had a long day today. I ran through all (just about) North of the bay counties...Solano, Napa, Sonoma and Marin...ended up in the city: that would be San Francisco. I hate the city. Hell, I hate most all cities. I hate crowds, traffic, noise...just all that crap. -ANNND- I most especially hate driving past a sign that says "Nancy Pelosi Drive" (or something like that. That crone -really- pisses me off).

Speaking of useless politicians, anybody heard from fat Albert? My last echo of the prick was a statement ascribed to him that warned folks that a new dust bowl was about to happen. So, I guess that means we ought to brace ourselves to the inundation of squash and zucchini and all that crap that friends grow that nobody every actually eats. 'Cause when Fat Al says it, it must be so...the other way.

I am still loving that whole "my body is a time machine that only goes one way..." thing. I think it's cute and accurate, which are the same word except for an extra c, an  r and a t.

I love California, except for the climate the people and the politics. I really want to be damn near anyplace else but here. My fear is that I'll die here. Truth is, I probably will. New Hampshire is my goal...I'll settle for Maine...shit....South Dakota is Maine without the lobster, and I don't care for lobster, so I suppose that might work out. Just anyplace but here.

You might be a wee bit trepidatious, but Stephen KIng has written a sequel to "The Shining" called "Doctor Sleep". It is very good and, if you're paying attention, might explain  a scunch about the author. It's not your freak-out-check-under-the-bed-in-case-of-ghosties kind of thing. He's back...and has been for awhile, but if you, like the spouse have dodged him 'cause he got to icky scary, trust me: it's safe to go back into the water.

But you're probably dealing with zombie nighmares, so if you don't get around to it, it's okay.

"Some enchanted evening,
    you may see a stranger.
        you may see her laughing...
            across a crowded room,
               and somehow you know
           (as strange as it seems)
   that somehow you'll see her again in your dreams."

No sing along. But she haunts me ... and what might have been.

I am,  and I ever remain,  yours (yours, yours, yours, yours) *

Mr Upton Ogood

*an entirely different song, but one of devotion and a great harmony....and if you saw the movie then you saw William Daniels...and I see me in him or the other way...whatever ;-)


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Sheila West
Mar. 4th, 2014 01:23 pm (UTC)
confusion reigns
You are in rare form - besides taking down the "I'm back" post this one rambles more than usual with references this poor lil Canadian knows nothing about...

But I do wonder about the sanity of leaving a state where the temps are (generally)very civilized and moving across country to live in a deep freeze 9 months out of the year ..........

never knowing if you actually get these comments I leave......... I am writing still............

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