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No reason...

...as opposed to having no reason....um...I had a thought but it got disappeared...

So...a 70's day, heading into the 40's. Gas was $3.79 a gallon this morning...it's been creeping up the last couple of weeks.

No rain for a fair bit, so we're going straight out of last summer into next summer with an extra helpling of fire season.

Welcome to California, where the govenor thinks he's a hero for talking about reigning in the budget, but he champions a railroad that goes nowhere anybody wants to go. (rail travel being my prefered sort of 19th century transport for the 21st).

Otherwise, life is good.

Fra Ogood is back. He insists on serving me and I insist that he continues...this is known as a balance of power. He has the power to fetch beer...I have the power to consume same. Fair 'nough.

I have for you today, a one-time deal. For the amazing price of...um...lets get back to that, as said Mephistopheles.

I have said, on occasion, that I aspired to cook like a French grandma...or, to be honest, any grandmere. They don't measure..they just know. Ok..so, now, there is a new bar...a higher bar...or, as has been hummed, a higher love (go ahead ..sing it...I know you wanna).

I want to cook as well as a Lutheran church lady.

Stay tuned. I have two (one plus one) recipes that =WILL= rip the cotton drawers off of any church lady, Lutheran or not, in the grand 'ole USofA. Trust me...I also got a minor recipe, that I got of the net (truth to tell), that will also raise you up amongst the saints or whatever the equivalent is is you are an atheist, agnostic or other sort of dumb bastard.

and with that cheery note...( an F-sharp)..I give you a "good night"

"Her majesty's a pretty nice girl but she doesn't have a lot to say.
   Her majesty's a pretty nice girl but she changes from day to day.
     I want to tell her a lot but I gotta get a belly full of wine...
       Her majesty's a pretty nice nice girl and some day I'm gonna ..."

still be....

Mr. Upton Ogood....'cause, you know, somebody has to.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned...

....I was drinkin' and needed a couple more. So...I put two in the freezer to get 'em cold real quick. The next day I found 'em. I am a wretch. Mea culpa,mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Ita misa est.

Mr. Upton, (insert Gregorian chant here), Ogood

A Triumphal return...

...ought not be accomplished during a depression or during drinking, or so I have observed.

But, I suspect, y'all figured that out already.

Ah me....

On an up note ( a slurring C to G, if you must ask....ok...actually there's a bit more to it. I don't actually slur a C to a G...but I have been asked to sing in that area and -then- leap an octave to cop a C, with an above G. It hasn't helped me in my happy place. Sorry...you asked)

I had a long day today. I ran through all (just about) North of the bay counties...Solano, Napa, Sonoma and Marin...ended up in the city: that would be San Francisco. I hate the city. Hell, I hate most all cities. I hate crowds, traffic, noise...just all that crap. -ANNND- I most especially hate driving past a sign that says "Nancy Pelosi Drive" (or something like that. That crone -really- pisses me off).

Speaking of useless politicians, anybody heard from fat Albert? My last echo of the prick was a statement ascribed to him that warned folks that a new dust bowl was about to happen. So, I guess that means we ought to brace ourselves to the inundation of squash and zucchini and all that crap that friends grow that nobody every actually eats. 'Cause when Fat Al says it, it must be so...the other way.

I am still loving that whole "my body is a time machine that only goes one way..." thing. I think it's cute and accurate, which are the same word except for an extra c, an  r and a t.

I love California, except for the climate the people and the politics. I really want to be damn near anyplace else but here. My fear is that I'll die here. Truth is, I probably will. New Hampshire is my goal...I'll settle for Maine...shit....South Dakota is Maine without the lobster, and I don't care for lobster, so I suppose that might work out. Just anyplace but here.

You might be a wee bit trepidatious, but Stephen KIng has written a sequel to "The Shining" called "Doctor Sleep". It is very good and, if you're paying attention, might explain  a scunch about the author. It's not your freak-out-check-under-the-bed-in-case-of-ghosties kind of thing. He's back...and has been for awhile, but if you, like the spouse have dodged him 'cause he got to icky scary, trust me: it's safe to go back into the water.

But you're probably dealing with zombie nighmares, so if you don't get around to it, it's okay.

"Some enchanted evening,
    you may see a stranger.
        you may see her laughing...
            across a crowded room,
               and somehow you know
           (as strange as it seems)
   that somehow you'll see her again in your dreams."

No sing along. But she haunts me ... and what might have been.

I am,  and I ever remain,  yours (yours, yours, yours, yours) *

Mr Upton Ogood

*an entirely different song, but one of devotion and a great harmony....and if you saw the movie then you saw William Daniels...and I see me in him or the other way...whatever ;-)

The Usual Suspects...

...Is a very good movie. Check it out.

The usual suspects are also the people who inhabit my dreams. My life is full of regular, as in oftenly frequented, folk. The others I refered to are those who terrorize me.

But, as Othello  says, "no more of that". (without the dagger....I am still way too Catholic for that).

Life is, on the whole, good. Gas is, at last glance, at $3.59/gal...and that -is- the cheapest I can find. It's damp here, considering it's a full blown drought, but, hey, it is what it is. I'm lookin' at 52F right now...at 12:15 AM...that isn't too bad. It is supposed to be winter. Where, by the way, is Fat Albert these days?

This isn't the way I wanted to come back: cranky. But I'm here. Deal.

I'm soon to be a gampa...or whatever your variant is.

Ok...from the top:

The un-named eldest is still single and still singular.

Muscles is married and parenting the soon to be next generation.

Mordred is out of state, visiting America, and discovering why I love this country (as opposed to California...which really is just a province of the failed Soviet Union...they just don't acknowledge it. Putin is welcome to it...just leave Uraine alone and we're square)

Queen Ogood is also out of state and finishing her college stuff. She got the whole "california ain't America" thing...so she's always going to be okay.

Girly-girly..went sideways on me. She went from flat-chested flautist, to penis-less pianist to racked-out wretch...back to whatever it is you become if you lapse into a "failure to launch mode, but as a girl". (she is flat out amazing, musically...plays any instrument...sings...you name it..performs....and has no confidence...go figure).

My ride is now, officially, an old ride. I bought it in 1992 (I had to do the math). Twice a year, to prove how dependable it is, I put about $700 into it. That  is still less than the payments would be...and my mileage is still near 24/gal. Also, to be honest, I can not afford a Tesla.

Doctor Who...kick ass.

I miss "Leesa and Phrank". If you are out there....settled in Vermont...reach out. 'K?

Sage? Philosophermom? I miss y'all.

I have no pun/joke to end with...just a suggestion: check out "Falling Slowly"...a tune from the movie "Once". My musician, Girly-girl, has me learning it so we can do a duet...which is like a duvet, only warmer and less expensive.

I feel old...but that might be the bourbon speaking...

God bless

............Mr. Upton Ogood, for he surely needs it

Dr. Who, Bill, Ted and I....

....what do we have in common? (Take your time...I'll wait).

Give up? Well...the Doctor has his Tardis, Bill and Ted have their phone booth...all I have is this body...and yet....(dunh, dun, da...) they are all time machines. The only difference is this: my time machine only goes in one direction.

Why is this important? Well...if I had it to do over again, I'd not have let 18 or so months elapse betwixt postings here. But that, as they say, is one more planet bigger than Uranus.

Or to put it another way..I locked myself out of my own blog and over thought it...

Or...think of it this way: I'm Randy Quaid in Independance day, at the end where he flies up into the attacking base ship, announcing, "Hello boys, I'm ba-aack", with wild, squirely eyes. Yeah...that's me.

I'll pace myself here. I want you to rebuild your tolerance for me rather than go all Belushi and od after just one hit.

See ya 'round the cooler

"What is a youth? Impetuous fire. What is a maid? Ice and desire.
    The world wags on.
 A rose will bloom. It then willl fade. So does a youth so does...."

 Mr. Upton Ogood

"Godfather of Green"....

....or something close to that, was part of the "blurb" headline on Drudge when I surfed over to see what was up. The link took me to Toronto Sun. With some smug satisfaction (not entirely complete, I will admit).....I offer the following for your own perusal....


Go ahead....cut and paste....check it out.

Fuck me to tears...

I just wrote the most amazing compendium of what I've been doing and, when I got stupidly sentimental, it all disappeared.

Ok...I will admit to drinking. What are you gonna do when you have a Pooka who looks like a St. Bernard bringing you beer? Geez... I knowww. Anyhow... life is good, except for the part where it's not....but it all ends well so don't worry....

Now...let's see how this turns out....and, yes, I'm still stupidly sentimental....suddenly getting laid, (frequently, I might add), will do that to a drinking mick, but you knew I suspect. ;-)


I'm Upton Ogood, and I approve of Al Jolson

Please pardon me...

...for I seem to "still" be under the weather.

It is an unfortunate thing, but it is what it is.

I seem to spend a lot of time in bed. I also spend a lot of time in head. But, I suppose, the later is entirely part of the human experience.

I am, on the whole, well.

I am, on the whole, avoiding that final hole.  (Y'all with me here?)  I don't expect that this is the final entry, but, to be honest, I have had a conversation where instructions were passed where a last entry might be made.

If Y'all care, do...please...stay tuned.

I know I will.

I'll give you this.

      "Welcome to sunny California....please dress warm!"

Winter left early, so it might be a dry year...not a good thing.

Summer came early...so fire, if you like that sort of thing, might be a bit more prominent in the news.

Save the last two days, it's been terribly warm during the  day and wildly good sleeping weather at night. Meaning ...cold but not frigid. (Don't go out at night in short sleeves...K?)

Anyhow...gas had been $3.99 for about a month and has dropped $0.14 nationwide recently, but because California, God bless the mindless souls here, has it's own formula, the price spicked to $4.07 (for cash) or $4.14 on plastic.

But there is good news...

.....can I back to you that last?

I am about to score a marriage for one of the offspring. This is a Martha Stewart "good thing". Of all my kids, this is the first. So, for all that I =think= I'm doing well, there are several kids who didn't take to whole traditional thing. Still, as a consolation, the others are overtly gay and none of them have produced progeny, for whom my saintly mother would have had some words of "dis-approbation" (you are welcome).

By the way, I came across a kid who didn't know what a "Mobius strip" was....even without the oumlaut. This was a sad moment for me. But, being a hero, of a sort, I overcame and made him one...explained about it's uniqueness.....and  Mobius. He is now a better human being because of me ....and I can rest peacefully for it. Or not.

Try this: Check out my recipe for pizza dough, or any recipe you like.
Here's the kick: After first rise, freeze it. Then, when you're ready, defrost it...depending on dough ball size, 3-4 minutes in the microwave, turn and repeat....THIS IS AT DEFROST LEVELS....Not cook, K?

Anyhow....after that, if it's thawed all the way,  let it rest at room temp...that cold shit is hard on the fingers.

When Ready, roll out the dough to @ 1" or there abouts. Place on aluminum foil, on a cookie or baking sheet. Cut the dough into @ 1" strips...take olive oil and brush the whole mess...sprinkle garlic powder....sprinkle (lightly) dry basil, and if you're feeling festive, some of that dry parmesean crap in a tube/can. bake at 400 to 450F for 8-14 (you -haveta- check so it doesn't burn, K?).... then serve with some caned or bottled pizza sauce as a dip. Trust me...if it's warm, people will think you're the next Iron Chef. IT's no-shit that good....and that easy.


Without going Edward R. Murrow on you, I would like to report the bad-news, good-news: After a -long- dry spell, and for none-of-your-business-reasons, Felashe and I have a sex life! (the bad news was that we didn't, but let's not dwell). The really good news is: for, obviously, entirely pysch reasons, Viagra didn't work for me. Now it do. -And-, ta-da, it seems to work for her....and this is good because I'm to old to look for a a long term relationship replacement...(at least for now...)

I never ....

....want to be woken, in the wee hours of a morning, with the question...

"Did you leave the hall lights on or is the house on fire?

I had lain down for a nap and gotten into that sweet, sweet spot where you know that sleep is .... just there; don't reach, it'll come to you ...and I got a buzz that told me I had a text message. I, being a normal, selfish sort, ignored it and continued to zone into that sweet, sweet spot....and buzz again. Ok....somebody died. I have to look. So I roused myself and fiddled the phone to see what was the matter.....first text: "Did you take my keys?". Second text: "Never mind".

Yup...what roused me was a "Never mind" text.

There are few things in life as ...(ahem)....bothersome(?)...as a "Never mind" text...
and yet there is always the voice, enchanting and endearing (vocally and lyrically) that, never the less, hangs on like:

You are welcome...and I am

Mr. Upton Ogood

God gave rock and roll to us...

.....but just to make sure, He also gave us Charles Aznavour. This is a guy who, to our national shame, is not well known and should be. He really is a god-like personality/talent. I just spent about 20 minutes cruising old films of him on You-tube and, I must say, marveling at his mastery of the stage and his voice. He's a singer/song writer. That seems sort of mundane in today's world where one-hit wonders rule for a season or three. He has been around, seemingly, forever. I first saw him on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show" back in the early 60's.

Anyhow...you need to check it out. It will do you no harm....and it'll tell you where my head is at these days...

Can you guess of whom I refer? I doubt it...

God gave rock and roll to us and He also gave us.....

Mr. Upton Ogood

(be grateful)



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