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The Usual Suspects...

...Is a very good movie. Check it out.

The usual suspects are also the people who inhabit my dreams. My life is full of regular, as in oftenly frequented, folk. The others I refered to are those who terrorize me.

But, as Othello  says, "no more of that". (without the dagger....I am still way too Catholic for that).

Life is, on the whole, good. Gas is, at last glance, at $3.59/gal...and that -is- the cheapest I can find. It's damp here, considering it's a full blown drought, but, hey, it is what it is. I'm lookin' at 52F right now...at 12:15 AM...that isn't too bad. It is supposed to be winter. Where, by the way, is Fat Albert these days?

This isn't the way I wanted to come back: cranky. But I'm here. Deal.

I'm soon to be a gampa...or whatever your variant is.

Ok...from the top:

The un-named eldest is still single and still singular.

Muscles is married and parenting the soon to be next generation.

Mordred is out of state, visiting America, and discovering why I love this country (as opposed to California...which really is just a province of the failed Soviet Union...they just don't acknowledge it. Putin is welcome to it...just leave Uraine alone and we're square)

Queen Ogood is also out of state and finishing her college stuff. She got the whole "california ain't America" thing...so she's always going to be okay.

Girly-girly..went sideways on me. She went from flat-chested flautist, to penis-less pianist to racked-out wretch...back to whatever it is you become if you lapse into a "failure to launch mode, but as a girl". (she is flat out amazing, musically...plays any instrument...sings...you name it..performs....and has no confidence...go figure).

My ride is now, officially, an old ride. I bought it in 1992 (I had to do the math). Twice a year, to prove how dependable it is, I put about $700 into it. That  is still less than the payments would be...and my mileage is still near 24/gal. Also, to be honest, I can not afford a Tesla.

Doctor Who...kick ass.

I miss "Leesa and Phrank". If you are out there....settled in Vermont...reach out. 'K?

Sage? Philosophermom? I miss y'all.

I have no pun/joke to end with...just a suggestion: check out "Falling Slowly"...a tune from the movie "Once". My musician, Girly-girl, has me learning it so we can do a duet...which is like a duvet, only warmer and less expensive.

I feel old...but that might be the bourbon speaking...

God bless

............Mr. Upton Ogood, for he surely needs it


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Sheila West
Mar. 5th, 2014 01:30 pm (UTC)
stupid brain
I have no idea how missed the in between - but i did. don't feel much like talking or being cute - but did see your call out to Phrank and Leesa - they no longer appear in their original form. They are now on facebook and playing nice with all the 'facebook' folks....metamorphosis

time for more coffee
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